Brick Mail Boxes and Brick Planters

Things needed for a well built brick mailbox or column.

1. A Good Foundation. Just as with your house, it all starts with a good foundation. Have you ever seen a brick mailbox leaning over? This is due to an inadequate foundation, and can easily be avoided with a proper foundation design. Leaning mailboxes simply do not have adequate foundations, but can often be straightened without having to rebuild.

2. Top-Quality Materials. Don’t overlook the importance of choosing the right brick, mailbox, and even mortar. You want the brick and mortar to match your home, and for the entire mailbox and structure to hold up well over time…remember; this structure is exposed to the elements–much like your chimney–and is subject to more wear than the brick on your house, which is protected by the roof overhang. If you have brick left over from the days the house was built, you have a great head start and deserve a discount. If not, no problem…the extra time and effort involved in locating and delivering matching brick for your mailbox is included in our prices…and we guarantee a reasonable match!

Even the mortar should reasonably match that of your home to insure the finished mailbox compliments the architecture well, adding to the value of your property. What about the box itself? Drive down your street and notice the receptacles. Most mailbox receptacles are designed to be placed on a wooden post and are intended to be replaced periodically. When a cheap insert is embedded into a solid brick mailbox, five to ten years can leave you with a rusted, worn-out or damaged door or insert. The thin sheet metal is susceptible to rust, vandalism, and excessive wear. Many of the doors are attached with flimsy rivets and tend to rust or become easily damaged beyond repair.

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