Historical Restoration

Repointing is the process of carefully removing deteriorated mortar from the joints of a masonry wall and replacing it with new mortar that has been intelligently formulated. If done well, repointing (also incorrectly referred to as tuckpointing) will both protect the building and enhance its historical character.

Improperly done, repointing not only detracts from the appearance of the wall, but may cause damage to the historic masonry units themselves. Chimneys can be unsightly and dangerous if allowed to deteriorate. If repaired using the wrong materials and techniques, the rate of deterioration can even be faster than before it was repaired.

An improperly repaired chimney can be unsafe, even short-lived. Not to mention ugly. Forget that poorly repaired chimneys or fireboxes can emit dangerous gases. Forget that using the wrong mortar can cause chimney masonry to deteriorate or come loose. And forget that loosened stone or brick can fall onto cars, neighbors, visitors or you. Forget all that if you like, but no one can ignore an ugly chimney.

We’re experts at firebox and chimney repair. We make any chimney not only operate safely, but endure and look incredible too.

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